Since we travel full time in our home (BABY).. we are always seeking an appropriate place to park while we are with you. BABY needs loving too! She is 39 feet long and approx 13 feet tall. She is a hefty girl weighing in at approx 27,000 pounds! So wherever we park her... it needs to be solid. We can park on the grass, but not in an area that will get "soggy". She'll sink like the Titanic! And though she's fully self contained, we prefer the ability to "plug in" when we can. Otherwise we run the generator and at times that can be disruptive to our neighbors. We prefer (if we can arrange it) to have a 30 amp hook-up and we can provide the connector to hook-up to an existing breaker panel. But if 20 amp service is all that is available, we can make due just fine. Next, we do have a water tank, but anytime we can hook up to a faucet... BABY smiles! We carry approximately 125' of water hose with us, so long runs are okay. As always, if you have any questions...Just ask! Sound Reinforcement When we first conceptualized the "Do Good Tour", we understood that many venues would not have a suitable sound system system for events of this nature and took it upon ourselves to ask the Lord to provide one. And He did! Amazing how that happens! We travel fully self-contained. The system that the Lord has provided can easily support audiences of up to 500 people. We also have our own microphones and stands. When necessary we can also accommodate remote locations by utilizing the generator in BABY.